1980s vintage porn : “Mimi”

Name: Mimi

Duration: 169 min

Language: English

Director: Patty Rhodes

Country: United States

Year: 1987

Categories: 1980s vintage porn, 1987, United States, English, Patty Rhodes, Marilyn Jess, Porsche Lynn, Barbra Braun, Kirstie Devereaux, Tania Ratler, Paul Thomas, Gabriel Pontello, Pascal Saint-James, Anal

Actress: Marilyn Jess,Porsche Lynn,Barbra Braun,Kirstie Devereaux,Tania Ratler

Actors: Paul Thomas,Gabriel Pontello,Pascal Saint-James

Saucy Aunt Paulette, a delectable Parisian madame who runs an elegant bordello, is going to teach her tomboyish American niece Mimi how to be a successful, lady-like coutesan. But, oh, that Mimi! Learning the arts of love, she really goes all-out! Left in the care of dashing Baron Phillipe de Rothsfield, Mimi samples an avalanche of sexuality in this romantic city of love. Plus, the lustful goings-on of the beautiful French bordello girls certainly round out her training! From the steamy sex shops of the notorious Pigalle to the sensuous atmosphere of the chic Champs E’lysse, Mimi gets an erotic education she’ll never forget!


Stacey Donovan – Retro porn interracial

Stacey Donovan - Retro porn interracial

Name: Das Lustschloss der Josefine Mutzenbacher

Duration: 86 min

Director: Hans Billian

Language: German

Country: Germany

Year: 1987

Actors: Gerard Luig,Titus Sting,Jack Rogers,John Dragon,Peter Strasser,Georg Stilly,Ralph Wieck

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Actress: Stacey Donovan,Krista Lane,Jeannie Pepper,Claudia Mehringer,Desiree Bernardy,Nadia Baumel,Katja Eck,Jill Oliver,Tania Ratler,Astrid Kohler

Stacey Donovan - Retro porn interracial

Josefine is called in to grant a dying baron his last wish in front of the assembled family and servants. Then he signs his will and, presumably with her fee or inheritance, Josefine sets up a school for sex. Her clients are a couple of newly-wed couples who are ignorant of the ways of love and some single females and males. We see some very practical lessons taking place in which Melitta (Stacy Donovan) is the main assistant teacher. A mock wedding cum gang-bang is arranged for the inexperienced bride and groom (Gereard Luig, casting against type). Some of the single females become whores. Josefine and one of her colleagues are bathing in a stream when two men steal their clothes, demanding sex before they return them. This is interrupted by the arrival of a rich man in his car who rescues the naked girls and takes them home for a threesome. It later transpires that his daughter is one of Josefine’s new whores who has been taught how to become a dominatrix and that a young army officer, a friend of the rich man, is the man whom she has been dominating in the brothel. This results in a warrant being served for Josefine’s arrest. She is taken off to a cell which she finds is already occupied by two whores, one of whom is Jeannie Pepper. They lure the guards inside the cell for sex. Josefine steals the key, enabling the escape of all three girls, leaving the guards locked up. Then it’s back to the brothel with her new recruits for Jeannie to join in the orgy already taking place with a couple of clients and experience a DP. One of the clients is John Dragon.