Lucille Bragg porn videos in “High School Fantasies”

Name: High School Fantasies

Country: United States

Year: 1973

Duration: 70 min

Director: Morris Deal

Language: English

Actress: Rene Bond,Ginger Lee Grace,Cindy Taylor,Nicole Riddell,Maggie Best,Lucille Bragg

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Actors: Rick Lutze,Larry Barnhouse,Leo Lyons,Steve Harrod,Tony Mazziotti,Fred Lorenzo

Freddie is a high school virgin who is desperate, feeling like he must finally get some pussy. Two jocks decide to pull a prank on him and sell him a spanish fly potion that they mixed. To their surprise, the potion works and Freddy finally scores. Now they have to recreate the formula themselves, no matter how long it may take, because getting into Rene Bond’s tight little panties is a mission worth all the time in the world.


Vintage porn 1970 in “The Presidential Peepers”

Name: The Presidential Peepers

Language: English

Year: 1975

Director: Latour Lamour

Country: United States

Duration: 66 min

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Actress: Tina Russell,Helen Madigan

Here for the first time is porn icon Tina Russells final known feature, taken directly from the original 16 mm negative. Its a classic, political, plot based adult film. A particularly appropriate discovery for an election year, The Presidential Peepers is an X-rated spoof of Watergate politics featuring long-lost Nixon impersonator Richard M. Dixon. What is more, the film contains cameos by New York porn favorites Marc 10 ? Stevens and Helen Madigan.