Jessica Wylde sex in “Inside Candy Samples”

Name: Inside Candy Samples

Duration: 79 min

Country: United States

Language: Russian

Director: Drea

Year: 1985

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Actress: Candy Samples,Heather Wayne,Jessica Wylde,Aurora Lee

Actors: Hershel Savage,Steve Drake

Dr. Candy Cox, played by the outrageous Candy Samples, is a world-renowned sex therapist with an extremely horny caseload. Both men and women flock to her office for sexual advice, lesguys in technique…and a little nookie. "Although Dr. Cox has never been known to refuse a case, her assistant, the vivacious and ever-creamy Loretta (played by Heather Wayne), is usually the one who does all of the sexual "dirty work." However, when the handsome Rob (Herschel Savage) walks into her reception room, Candy knows instinctively that this is the man who can supply her own unique sexual needs.


Melissa Melendez actress in “Anal Encounters 2”

Name: Anal Encounters 2

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: William Black

Year: 1991

Duration: 74 min

Actress: Bionca,Melissa Melendez,Cameo,Brigitte Aime,Stacy Nichols

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Actors: Peter North,Marc Wallace,Cal Jammer,Wayne Summers,James Lewis

Poor Wayne Summers. Here’s been hired to write a script for a "backdoor movie and he’s plumb out of ideas that is until he puts his feet up and let’s his imagination run wild. So put on you sex-bib and prepare yourself for the ultimate backdoor adventure- Anal Encounters #2.


Vintage anal porn tubes : “Gang Bang Gals”

Name: Gang Bang Gals

Duration: 94 min

Year: 1994

Language: English

Country: United States


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Actress: Kaitlyn Ashley


Yvette videos in “Dangerous Behinds”

Name: Dangerous Behinds

Country: United States

Duration: 83 min

Director: Spike Leigh

Year: 1995

Language: English

Actress: Cassandra Curves,Lil Bit,Ebony Ass,Chocklate,Yvette,Yvette

Actors: Dick Nasty,Jeff Coldwater,Hank Rose,Jeff Prober,Paco Pasqua

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Hardcore Interracial Action… check out how these white dudes try to handle enormous black booty. These girls are anxious and ready to ride on white dick. Don’t miss these black girls take control of the situation and get all they can out of whitey’s meat. This is a super hot classic that you don’t want to miss!!!!


Hairy vintage pics : Mistaken Identity

Hairy vintage pics : Mistaken Identity

Nadine Roussial porn in “Gouvernante”

Name: Gouvernante

Language: German

Country: Germany

Director: Alain Payet

Duration: 86 min

Year: 1980

Actors: Alban Ceray,Guy Royer,Jean Tolzac

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Vanessa Del Rio pornstar in “Viva Vanessa”

Name: Viva Vanessa

Duration: 80 min

Language: English

Director: Henri Pachard

Year: 1984

Country: United States

Actors: Eric Edwards,Henri Pachard,Jerry Butler,Robert Bolla,George Payne,Tony Vincent,Jose Duval,David Scott,Taliesin,Sensational Susanne

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Porn legend Vanessa del Rio opens wide for an intimate look at her life and private fantasies! Probing deeper than any other "inside" film before, VIVA VANESSA takes you on an intimate tour through the amazing life of porn princess Vanessa del Rio. A mixture of fantasy and reality, this film takes you on the set of an actual porno film to witness Vanessa at her smoldering best–then delves into the recreation of Vanessa’s most shocking fantasies. For fans of Vanessa del Rio, this erotic epic will be a dream come true. For those few still unacquainted with one of porn’s living legends, VIVA VANESSA will be a delightfully revelation.


Nicole London sex in “Tommy Knockers”

Name: Tommy Knockers

Duration: 78 min

Director: Scotty Fox

Language: English

Year: 1994

Country: United States

Actors: Jonathan Morgan,Gerry Pike,Micky Ray

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Jonathan Morgan and Nicole London buy a house on the cheap with a terrific view. And soon discover the haunting reason for the bargain price: The supernatural presence of Tiffany Towers, as an 88GGGhost. Scotty Fox pulls out all the stops, with wild special effects, glorious sets, and his special brand of hot, nasty sex in a new Coast classic.


Barbara Moose videos – “Pornotissimo”

Name: Pornotissimo

Year: 1977

Country: France

Duration: 77 min

Language: French

Director: Serge Korber

Actress: Barbara Moose,Karine Gambier,Nadine Scant,Myriam Benzerti,Ursula White

Actors: Dominique Aveline,Cyril Val,Charlie Schreiner,Bob Asklof,Alain Saury

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Vanessa del Rio in retro porn pictures

Vanessa del Rio in retro porn pictures

Tina Tryon free porn in “Y-all Come”

Name: Y-all Come

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: Ted Most

Duration: 54 min

Year: 1976

Actress: Vicky Lovelace,Ginger Lee Grace,Sue Dunn,Tina Tryon,Jan Wells,Lee Moore,Ann Carter,Sabrine

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In the country, a girl uses sex to lure a white man and a black man to where her four girlfriends are waiting. They make both men work and have sex at gun point. When the girls are tired, the men get away. Then they wake, was it a dream? But when the girls appear, the man try to escape!